About Me | Ian T. Rogers

Thank you for stopping by! This page is simply about me. I'll give you a quick summary:

  • I'm your non-typical "self-taught" web developer/programmer. I love both frontend and backend development, but am often caught attempting to program the right way, over the fast way.
  • Technical Co-Founder at Kohost. We're chaning the way you interact with your hotel, for good.
  • Founder, Principal, and Web Developer at Mvestor Media - we build high performant websites.
  • Co-Founder, Partner, CMO at Fusch Commercial Interiors & Design
  • I am interested in all things web, entrepreneurship, and marketing.
  • I love to learn. I try to read/listen to 50 to 75 books per year.
  • I am currently writing wrote a book on effective web design, called Websites that Win: 11 Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

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