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We’ll after almost 4 years, I’m back. 4 years older, 4 years wiser (I hope). I’ve learned a lot in the programming and web development world over this time, and I plan to document what I learn here as things progress. Specifically, I’ve picked up JavaScript programming, along with some DevOps skills (git, Docker, AWS, etc).

Goodbye WordPress, Hello Gatsby!

Not for good, but for this site. WordPress has a lot of great features about it. We still use it over at Mvestor Media for EVERY single project that we take on. But WordPress isn’t without its quirks. It’s not the right tool for every job. I’ll save the why for another post.

I rebuilt the site using Gatsby, and picked a starter theme. It’s simple, elegant, and allows me to stratch the itch of doing a personal project in a JavaScript-based environment.

No More Comments or Tracking

The theme I picked has a Disqus integration…but I disabled it.

Why? I find conversations regarding articles more meaningful and productive over Twitter, rather than one’s arbitrary comment system. Bonus: it keeps the site fast.

Also, there is no tracking of any kind on this site, other than whatever Netlify collects as a static site server.

Progressive Web App Ready

Everything is going to be pre-rendered, so this site will load extremely quickly. I’ll shoot for 100/100 in Lighthouse/PageSpeed Insights.

Dark Mode Available

What else is there to say?

Looking forward!

See you soon, with more content!

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