See you at Forecast 2015!

At Mvestor and FCI, we use a sales pipeline management tool called Base. It’s basically a CRM for any and all deals/quotes/proposals that are currently active. It helps organize, track, maintain the sales process. If you aren’t using

The company who built Base is putting on a conference in San Francisco called Forecast (props to their website, by the way!). The conference will cover insights into the Base software and (it seems like) sales in general. I grabbed a ticket a few weeks ago for a quick one night trip.

Forecast 2015

I typically attend industry related conferences – SEO, web design, inbound marketing, etc. This will be my first “sales” oriented conference. I hope to gain a few insights/additional knowledge into the following:

  • How to use the Base CRM more effectively (or lesser known features of the software)
  • How to sell more effectively/efficiently
  • Other tools that play well or integrate with Base

Of course, I am excited to meet and connect with others in the Base and sales community!

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