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So I have been kind of in the dark about this upcoming cinemagraphs “trend” in web design recently. I’m glad I was enlightened, because these things are cool! In layman’s terms, a cinemagraph looks like a still photo, but only a certain element of it moves. I hope that they become more mainstream in current web design in the near future. I am already looking for a project to use them in!

[caption id=“attachment_17” align=“aligncenter” width=“580”]I found this cinemagraph at I found this cinemagraph over at Creative Market[/caption]

Okay, yes, cinemagraphs are technically video (based on their file formats), but they are much easier to handle if you use them as a .gif, for both browser and mobile compatibility.

It looks like we have a ways to go before it catches on big time though. Shutterstock contains only 33 results.

Here are some others that I like! I found these over at

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